Rioned - eControl+

A smart, compact control unit. Both efficient and safe.

Find a clear way to present essential information on the machine's status in a digital manner.
A smart, compact control unit enabling the user to operate the machine both efficient and safe.
Rioned is the first to deliver an integrated control system, making them the innovator in their market.
Company introduction

Rioned is the European market leader in the field of drain and sewer cleaning machines and inspection systems. The company has been supplying sewage cleaning equipment for over 60 years.


A multidisciplinary team was formed at the start of the project in order to address all the challenges from different perspectives.



Based on market analysis and user research, our team came up with several proposals. Engineers and product designers explored, together with the User Interface (UI) team, the possibilities of an integrated design.


Icon design

The icons correspond with the colour coded lightguides (riolightbar TM corona) surrounding the product.


User interface

Based on the comprehensive flowchart (showing all the possible configurations) new icons were designed, supporting the unique features of the Rioned control+.


Engineering a product that is going to be fully transparent, requires an out-of-the-box approach regarding support walls, ribbs etc.

In addition, the button has to be watertight (IP 65) while having a double function (rotate and press).



The chosen design direction was implemented with silver painted Polycarbonate (PC) on the inside. This way, the outside finish remains high gloss transparent, with the light guides seamlessly integrated.

Mould construction

The mould layout is dedicated to high gloss transparent PC.  The jog-wheel combines textures (grip) with high gloss areas, keeping the ergonomics and cleaning in mind.

FOT/SOT Validation

All the parts have been visually checked, measured and tested in order to provide the best quality.


Final product

The eControl+ panel with LCD screen allows intuitive machine operation. An easy-to-use jog-wheel guides you quickly through a clear menu with all machine functions available within a single click. The integrated LED warning lights indicate machine status at a glance.


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