Smit Visual - Chameleon Mobile

They can be found in many high-end offices.

Design a distinctive, high-quality mobile writing board for the Chameleon line, suitable for the target group.
An award-winning product that doubles as a stylish object that enhances the interior.
Interior architects and designers have embraced the Chameleon mobile, and they can now be found in many high-end offices.

Company introduction

Smit Visual has grown from a family business into an international company with customers in more than 50 countries. From their production location in Geldrop, Netherlands, they can deliver quickly while meeting the demand for customization. The latter, in particular, is distinctive in a market that is under enormous pressure. GBO’s design DNA responds to this by using details that are individually adaptable to customers.

Product introduction

GBO supervised the entire process from the initial creative sketch to the serial production drawing. During brainstorming sessions, we assembled from production, logistics, and sales. By linking these disciplines during the design process, we created a product people can connect with.

Chameleon Mobile_collection_small


Before series production began, GBO manufactured several prototypes that were tested at existing customers. This allowed us to optimize the prototype to a perfect end product.



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