Trends: erratic behavior, growing supply
Promising product features: intuitive use, carefully chosen materials, accessible manual, natural experience

Consumer sector

The very erratic behavior of consumers in a market with overwhelming demand makes it necessary to offer beautifully designed products. There is an enduring appreciation for products that are intuitive to use assembled with carefully selected materials and equipped with an accessible guide. Such products seduce and bind the consumer with a natural experience. Our teams set clear routes from idea to design, production, and success. We are at home in brand development, product launch, and data collection.

Awards in this sector


Consumer cases

Product design
Roland Corporation | LX700 Series
Product design
Twickto | Construction toys
Product design
Eurocoin Gaming | Onyx

Questions regarding this sector? Ask Albert.

It would be hard to find someone who has unboxed, tested, and reviewed as many consumer products as our marketing expert, Albert. As creator and author of a new marketing methodology, and a member of the international reviewers guild, he knows all the dos and don’ts for a national or global launch and route to market.

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