Fancom - eYegrow pig weighing system

The design of the housing prevents excessive heating.

To create a new product that fits within the Fancom 3D product portfolio that was previously designed by us.
An robust product that is resistant to the environment in which it is installed. In addition, the design prevents excessive heating.
Strengthening the Fancom 3D systems portfolio. Our long-term partnership with Fancom has led to award-winning products.

Company introduction

Fancom is leading in helping poultry producers, pig producers and mushroom growers improve processes in livestock houses and growing rooms.

Product introduction

Fancom’s advanced eYeGrow system is a 3D camera system that monitors animals’ weight with more than 93% accuracy. The system offers information which provides a detailed view on the best feeding strategy. Automatic weighing is a friendly way of weighing for the animals. As the system operates fully automatically, the pigs will not experience any stress. 



The housing is completely renewed, paying particular attention to heat dissipation. We provided numerous sketched concept designs. From there, a key sketch was chosen and CAD visuals were modeled. We optimized our design with several iterations. The main target was that it fits within the Fancom product family.



Among other things, we discovered through extensive testing and prototyping excessive heating of the camera, which resulted in the addition of cooling ribs on top. Furthermore, we supported Fancom with the production of parts for their prototypes and show models.


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