Product design

We focus on creating viable, attractive, user-friendly products. Function and design are brought together in a scalable design process. Through solid project management in the process and a clear project owner from the start, we keep a grip on the costs and ensure the quality of the product.

Shaping the future

Breathing life into an idea through a design where customers see the added value and even better, how it improves their daily lives, is one of our specialties. We get excited every time we can visualize the possibilities of products and concepts. Our designs have won awards in all areas of our field, and we are proud of that. But even more important, is that our clients will continue to work with us for years to achieve success by creating even more beautiful products.

Product design cases

Product design
Twickto | Construction toys
UI/UX Design
Rioned | eControl+

Questions regarding this service?

If you would like to how GBO Innovation makers can help you with designing your next generation of products, Jeroen would like to have that conversation with you.

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