Twickto - Construction toys

A new type of construction toy for children.

This is the story of a father looking for a construction toy for his children. He couldn’t find what he was looking for, so he sat down at the drawing board himself. His work remained only with sketches that eventually ended up in the vault. 20 years later, it is his own son who has built a real brand from his father’s sketches.

To create a new type of construction toy, enabling the start-up Twickto to challenge the current market leaders.
A new, innovative construction toy allowing children to build big models in limited time. The connection is made by means of twisting and clicking. In certain constructions a tool is required to continue building, that’s the TwickTool.
Within a year Twickto was available in more than 550 toy stores just in the Netherlands. Further international expansion is to be expected soon.
Company introduction

For a quarter of a century, Gert-Jan de Wilde ran around with the idea for a new kind of construction toy for his sons. Twenty years later his son, Robin de Wilde, realized the idea of what is now called Twickto Construction Toys.

Be a constructor - twickto


Based on patents developed in an earlier stage, the market was screened for similar concepts. The concept is refined, based on visits to the Toyfair in Nurnberg, Germany.


Concept developments

Starting from 2016, several concept directions have been developed, based on the same basic principle: functionality and design. 

Twicktotool schetsen


Alongside design and engineering, we are responsible for the production of the tool. The combination of NEN approved Zamak with ABS provides a robust tool capable of making all kinds of connections with the Twicks.


Creating a style

Our graphic designers focused on the overall styling of the brand and the related products. Creating a coherent style enables you to communicate a clear message using all the available tools.


Prototyping and testing

Extensive testing is done with all different concepts and prototypes to evaluate and refine design ideas. Field tests at schools, out-of-school care and private homes have given a valuable contribution to the final product. The prototypes used in these studies are made with our in-house 3D printers, giving us the flexibility to reprint when needed, while maintaining the confidentiality of the product.

Prototyping 3d prints twickto
twickto quality control

Building models and composing sets

The insights derived from the consumer tests have been incorporated into the designs. The goal was to create 10 different packages. Each package contains 4 models based on the same building blocks. It was a huge challenge.

Building models twickto

Getting ready

All the activities were geared up towards the introduction at the Nurnberg Toyfair.


The content of a box

Each box is carefully composed using the exact amount of parts to make different models, including a full-color manual and the TwickTool. By registering online, the manual for a fourth model is made available, expanding the possibilities even further. Apart from the pre-defined models in the manuals, you can make whatever you want by using your own creativity.

Jasper mols, daniel ter braak twickto team

FOT & SOT validation

The First-Of-Tool is always an exciting moment. We carefully monitor the process and measure the outcome in order to finetune the product. This optimization phase is vital for the future success of the product.



The production of all the plastic parts is performed by GL Plastics. We teamed up with them to create maximum results within the tight timeframe. Both the single and duo-component products run smoothly, while the automatization of the bricks is a marvel to watch.

Productie twickto onderdelen
Twickto collage

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