Heinz Ketchup's Evolution

From Classic Glass to the Revolutionary Balaton Cap.


Let us embark on a captivating journey through Heinz Ketchup’s illustrious history, a voyage that celebrates their transition from classic glass bottles to the ground-breaking Balaton cap.

In 1869, Heinz embarked on their pioneering venture in packaging with the introduction of the horseradish bottle. Merely a year later, the iconic tomato ketchup journey commenced, setting the stage for their future success. The hallmark of their brand, the octagonal glass bottle of 1890, further etched Heinz into the annals of the market.

The horseradish bottle

The original Heinz Ketchup Bottles throughout the years

In 1983, Heinz heralded a new era with the introduction of squeezable plastic bottles. These revolutionary containers featured a user-friendly lid adorned with a living hinge, forever bidding farewell to the era of struggling with glass bottles. While this ushered in convenience, the specter of recycling challenges loomed, thanks to the complexities of multiple plastic layers.

The Original Heinz Ketchup Bottles throughout the years

The year 2002 saw the introduction of the bottle as we all know nowadays: the ‘upside-down bottle’. A stroke of genius to address the age-old gravity-related dilemmas. Innovator Paul Brown introduced the silicone dome valve, a mechanism that allowed bottles to be stored upside down, thereby eliminating any ketchup wastage. It quickly became a beloved design.

Sustainable commitment

Heinz’s unwavering commitment to sustainability found expression in the introduction of bottles crafted from PET and plant-based resources in 2014. Additionally, the lid’s lip was deepened to enhance accessibility.

Iconic squeezable bottle

The Balaton Cap: A Fresh sustainable Leap Forward

Today, Heinz proudly presents the Balaton cap, a cap designed to replace non-recyclable flip-top caps. This mono-material cap ensures controlled dosing, consistency, and ease of recycling, marking a significant leap towards a more sustainable future for ketchup packaging.

As Heinz continues its journey of sustainability and innovation, with GBO Innovation makers proud to be a part of their development efforts, we eagerly anticipate their next exciting chapter in their ketchup-bottle development.

The old cap left and the new cap right